Bookworm's Delight: Where To Buy Fiction Books Online

  • 28 Dec 2023 08:39 PM
Bookworm's Delight: Where To Buy Fiction Books Online


The 21st century is as real as it could get. Everything that was once imagined in the human mind is taking its form. The real world and its technology never disappoint us. The innovations take leaps in turning our dreams into reality. But are there any bounds to our dreams? Could the imagination be held in chains?

Over many thousands of years of human history, several stones have been turned. The unknown is put under minute microscopes and examined. The vast mysteries are shrunk to our eyes through telescopes. Human beings won the race of evolution with their unique cerebral abilities. Landscapes have been turned, and civilisations have fallen. 

With these innovations, the world has taken a giant leap in the last two centuries. But don't you think there is a place where these ideas come from? Don't you wonder about the origins of the most magnificent of thoughts? The mystery is not difficult to decipher. We just need to contact our pupils and dilute our hearts. The answer is just the next step. It's the power of imagination. 

As humans evolved and became superior, the search for the answer to many questions arose. The core of all these questions and ideas is the essential ability of humans. The ability to imagine. It's the ability to build castles that touch the sky. It's the ability that makes humans think. Imagination made our ancestors think about the ethics, morals, meaning and purpose of human existence.

Have you ever wondered how the power of imagination magnifies? Did you ever get a question about why some people are boring, and some are interesting? It's because of their ability to let their mind fly. Their mind flies in the world of imagination with the wings of knowledge and understanding. 

How do we get the ability to gain knowledge and understand the world? It's through reading. You could be surprised that you found a simple answer to a profound question. But it's as accurate as it could be. The power of reading is not simple. It takes the reader into the multiverse of madness. Especially when you read fiction books and get absorbed in the stories, your imagination has no bounds. 


How does reading Fiction help you? 

This is a world of the internet. You don't need to step out of your house for every thought. You could access the entire world with the internet. So is book shopping. When you search for a good book in a book shop online, you'll find a wide variety of books. But the majority of them would be fiction books. The reason is something we must know about.

Fiction books allow your innate ability of imagination to develop. It doesn't lay boundaries for you to walk within. It ties you with wings and gets you to expand your horizons. Your brain breathes fresh air every time you read a beautiful work of Fiction. That's why when you enter a book shop online, the world of Fiction opens up to you.  


What to buy? Where to buy? 

Hold on, we are just in. Before you go to buy fiction books online, you need to know some things.

Every person has their mode of imagination. Some might dream about high skyscrapers and swift cities. Some could be dreaming of climbing those huge boulders in dense forests. The waves of imagination are individual. Each person has their world. At some point, the filaments of these worlds might coincide with each other, but until then, you have your track. 

It's important to know what books suit your taste before you surf through a book shop online
The world of Fiction is a vast one. You can't reach every peak. You should make your world with the books of your liking. You must understand genres and authors before you buy fiction books online. Every genre has its own essence, and every author has their own style. 

Let me take you through a few genres and their legends. Just a sneak peek. 

The world of fantasy

It's the highest form of literary imagination. Everything you could think of - is served here. There are dragons from other worlds. There is a war between humans and gods. Mere mortals conspire to bring down ancient kingdoms. Angels will fall in love with peasants. It's a beautiful world. 

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien is the beginning of modern fantasy and is enriched by writers such as G.R.R. Martin, Steven Erikson and Brandon Sanderson.

Indian writers are experts in writing fantasy fiction. Writers like Amish, with his Trilogies, and Ashwin Sanghi have written a fantastic world of Indian Fantasy. 

This genre focuses mainly on style, character and theme over plot. The stories are about daily life. The characters are so real. They just feel like your neighbors. The emotions written through the characters of the book will take you on a rollercoaster journey. You will jump with joy and bawl with tears just reading a single book. Modern writers like Colleen Hoover, Susanne Clarke, and Khaled Hosseini have mastered this style and written beautiful books. Suppose you are the one to dig deep into the emotions of the characters. If you want to enjoy the unique styles of writing, then this is the perfect genre for you. 


A timeless marvel of classics

This is the best genre to explore while you look to buy fiction books online. Classics are those books that were published a century ago. These books are time-tested. Just imagine reading a book that was written by a Russian author in his bunker in the 19th century. Works of writers like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, James Joyce, and Herman Melville all come in this genre. These books will take you a ride into the past and immerse you in its literary beauty. 

Now, you might be wondering where to buy fiction books online. Isn't it? I've got you covered. You need not take the trouble to find a book shop online. I am introducing you to the world of Bookchor, the OG book-selling website in India. 

Bookchor allows you to surf through a wide range of books. Every book in the world is available here. You can search books through their genre and categories. 

Buying through Bookchor also offers you the added advantage of affording books at lower prices. Because the website sells used and old books, these books are as good as new but for lower prices.

Why delay. Now that you have the cell phone in your hand go to Bookchor and fly through the literary sky. Read books and become the wise ambassadors of humankind.

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