Unlocking Exciting Secrets: Your Guide To Best Crime Thriller Books

  • 02 Jan 2024 10:06 AM
Unlocking Exciting Secrets: Your Guide To Best Crime Thriller Books

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was the eye of a god. He could find anyone from any place. He could solve any crime. He simplified mysteries with ease. There was no one to match his strengths. Nobody could escape his eyes. No sound could detach itself from his ears. He was undefeated But, at the peak of his career, he met with this case. Haven't you heard such stories? The stories with secrets. The detective stories. Most of the excitement we had was from these thrillers.


As children, we did not seek any adventure. The life of childhood is filled with adventures. Jumping around the house, finding frogs to catch, tying a thread to a frog leg to watch it jump, and then laugh. Those were the adventures. Sneaking out of house to play cricket, going for a swim making an excuse to play cricket. Most of our adventures came from these games. We would also find thrill in small things. Keeping the coin on a railway track hoping the coin becomes a magnet. Collecting caterpillars and stuffing them inside a bottle, hoping they become butterflies. Finding the trail of a snake. The excitement peaked with our searches and investigations. In Fact we even investigated where the dogs and where the birds return to . The mysteries of the world always tapped our curiosities intriguing us to investigate further. 


The process of intrigue and investigation is a great food for a child soul. It keeps the child engaged and free from unnecessary distractions. The sense of mystery and the need to find solutions encourages the child to expand his horizons and know more about the world. The world inside a childs mind expands from mother, parents to the vast expanses of plants, animals and minute insects. Curiosity develop's the brain of an individual allowing him to think logically and know about things. The chatter of mind stops with curiosity and the focus becomes channelised. Mystery and thriller stories play a major role in your mental development. These stories dont only improve your thinking abilities but will also pull a fresh wind to soothe your soul. The clutter of everydays work gets settled when you embark on solving the mystery of the story.


Since immemorial times, the process of storytelling has been developing Human beings. It has allowed human minds to tie wings and fly across the ocean of curiosity. Mystery stories have played a major role in this aspect. They have been around us since a millenia. Just lost in the ocean of genres. The process of mystery storytelling is as interesting as the story itself. The storyteller, with his literary talent will hide all the answers in plain sight, still challenging the audience to find answers. 


As the storytelling evolved and the concept of writing was introduced, it was a milestone. Stories that were told individually to a small group of people were now reaching hundreds. As the technology of print evolved and books were manufactured in huge numbers, the same story traveled thousands of miles. Although religious books had their big share in those books, the   best crime thriller books   never lagged. 


With  the introduction of the internet in this century, the process of reading books became a popular habit. These days, people wait for days to buy books online. It feels great to be in the initial list of the buyers for your favorite authors book right? Bookchor is the first and the most popular website that allows you to enjoy these comforts.You could buy new, old and used books online for the most affordable prices. 


Even with the advent of technology, people got bored of the bland stories of good versus bad plots. Most of such stories had similar heads and tails. Readers needed the intrigue. They really needed something to dig their head inside the world of story. They wanted some brain tickling exercises that put their intellect to work. The most prominent writers of each century understood this expectation and wrote accordingly. Most of such writers are naturals. Their natural talent oozed out to produce some of the best crime thriller books we ever had. Let's go through some of the best writers of this genre. 


The Golden works of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle

This name shall not go unpassed when you hear the word crime and thriller. He is the OG of the genre. Born in the difficult periods of the Nineteenth century, Sir Arthur Doyle wrote the best books of Crime and Mystery. He is world renowned for his timeless characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. His series of Sherlock Holmes series contains some of the most complicated mysteries solved by the legend himself. Being a work of fiction, the stories seem so real that even true crime stories fall short of making such an impression .


The Mystery Lady - Agatha Christie

Who thought that the best crime and detective books would be written by a woman, that too in the 20th century. On the brink of the Feminist Movement, this British writer put her heart out in writing Crime Fiction bringing her characters to life. This writer became so popular that she was suspected to be a mysterious criminal by her contemporaries. 


The fast food, yet delicious works by James Patterson

He writes mostly about urban crimes. The stories are at a rapid pace. You don't get breathers as this 21st century writer takes us on a sprint solving the cases of deep mystery happening across the streets of the US. Mr. Pattersons works have made him the best mystery writer of the century. The moment you open the Bookchor website to buy books online, you will see this writer's books owning the leaderboard. 


The mysticism of Dan Brown   

If you are a book enthusiast, you have heard his name. In fact, I have read at least one book written by Dan Brown. As difficult the process really is, this writer has successfully blended the elements of modern day thriller's with ancient mysticism. He is one of the first writers you need to look out for.


I dont think anything must stop you from purchasing the best crime thriller books, even after reading this article. You have everything served on your plate. We have the best authors for reference, books to look for and the website to buy books online - Bookchor Don't delay. Get your cellphones and order your favorite mystery crime thriller books right away. 

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